Wildstar- Art Direction

WildStar is a full-featured MMORPG set in a zany, sci-fi universe where anything goes. This trailer shows a good compilation of characters, environments, gameplay, cincematics, and VFX.

Bringing it all Together. This video was shot once our lighting, shaders, and gameplay was more advanced. It's a good example of how our game and tech changed while the art style remained largely the same as the early tests.

In 2011, I became the creative lead on our announcement trailer for Gamescom. I co-wrote the script, co-created storyboards, and provided visual and voice direction. Shortly after I was asked to take the role of Creative Director for the game.

As Creative Director one of my biggest accomplishments was forming an internal cinematics team. We handled all marketing videos. I blocked out story points, co-wrote scripts, co-directed animation and voice recording. It was a huge achievement.

WildStar launched with a score of 82 Metacritic and 89 from PCGamer. Kotaku dubbed it "The Pixar of MMOs"

Wildstar- Art Direction

This is a compilation of images and videos that give an overview of my time and work on WildStar from 2005-2014. In my time, I served as Lead Artist, Art Director, and Creative Director. It's difficult to present the impact and influence I had as I barely created any art assets myself, but I hope these give you an idea of both my contributions and highlight the hard work of hundreds of other hyper-talented artists, designers, programmers, and game developers who put their heart and soul into the project.